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The Real True Story.

*****   THIS IS A TRUE STORY   *****

I warned the government, police and military, and International Intelligence Agencies, it was happening and that I was in need of help, they all ignored me.
I sent 100 000 e-mails and written letters, and faxes, and spoke with police in person, in private rooms inside of Police Stations, CANADA and WORLD WIDE.

Starting 2 years ago.

It just made it to the news a few months ago, THEY HAVE BEEN TORTURING AND RAPING YOUR OWN RELATIVES TO DEATH, and you didn't listen to me, only half of it made it to the mainstream news, probably because the details were too horrific.


Here's my proof, that I have been trying to warn people, that I could help them get there relatives out from the torture-rape cells they have still set up, here is a list of some of the places where thousands of people could see the information, none deposited any money in the help fund deposit number I set up, If any of them complain when they find there dead relatives in rape houses and prisons it is there own fault, I have a clean consious because I tried to help.
The dates on them date back before the news reported it to the public.


1.A) It finally hit mainstream media, and they didn't address the females being raped and starved and tortured to death by prisons full of pedaphiles, and violent sex offenders.


2.A) I posted it trying to tell people on about 100 different forums, they all got mocked like I was lieing or crazy, here's some links to where I posted the 'public safety warning".



I know from listning to people inside the prison talk, they even record the females being raped and starved to death as "SAW REALITY" movies.

I found an image of a cell I was directly inside, I know it was the cell I was in by the divits in the paint on the bricks, unmistakable.

Also pay close attention the female being raped in the image is what they call "chairing, a chair painfull placed to her stomach then pressure is applied making the rape even more painfull.

This is cell A3 in PC Segreration,Central East Correctional Faciltiy. I spent 4 to 5 months on the ranges and 1 month before my release in hat cell I remember that divit is 1 of a kind, in central east correctional, the male in the photo is either a guards son, or an inmate in his street cloths.

The second image to the right is Central East Correctinal Center, I have been there myslef right where it shows that guard hitting that inmate(for whatever reason).

To the left I have circled the divit I recgnize in red, on the brick wall, there is only one cell out of the 5 cells I was in and about a 20 different prison area's al together.
In the image above I have circled the matching white brick pattern, in the changing area, and everywhere else in the prison.

There at Central East in Lindsey Ontario, I overheard guards talk about killing the females with rape, and drugs.

I spent about 2 weeks of my 6 months in this facility for medical assesment as I had a small wound someone got on me during a beating I inflicted on someone I found selling pedaphile rape-porn in  Ajax, Ontario, Canada, he is now dead I believe, I have no connections to his death.

In this building shown above with fencing around it, I heard an old white man screaming for help as I heard another female voice being brutally raped,  had to play it cool, and wait till I was out of prison, because the guards beat to death people who call the police on there "death-rape-fun".

I visually confirmed the white-man screaming , I know what cell he was in.

Canada has become a very dirty country, the media and people in other countries should know this.

I have recieved communication from a random person, I will keep his or hers name for security, his/hers words reads as fallows, "I'm sorry to bother you I had a friend in prison who claimed the same thing as you did and I found your site while trying reasearch I"

Here's another link.

And here's a letter from when I was living in Moncton, NewBrunswick, I was sending out waves of hundreds of e-mails at a time, trying to draw attention to these things, and there still going on in government buildings/prisons.

Dear Reader:

I am a Witness to a very serious crime still going on I beleive with no proof of still continuing, but with proof of it happening while I was incarcerated.
An assault and a few other lighter charges on a person in Ajax, Ontario led me to a six month prison sentence.(just a fist fight)
A criminal syndicate in Canada has turned government facilities in Canada into Human Slave, Detention Camps.

While I was serving my sentence I listened to and visualy confirmed females on the Prison ranges in street cloths not prison uniform. Thats a breach of protocal,
as there are no conjegal visits in Canadian Maximum Security Prisons.( a federal offence)

There was talk of the victims in prison being starved, tortured, beaten, and raped, persecuted because of various reasons.
It may fit the catagory of Concentration Camps as I do not have the education level of vocabulary to classify it officialy.

There are working Cameras on all Prison Ranges I can visualy cofirm that fact.
I have seeked help from the canadian government.

I have also sub-mitted a written report of the happenings in full to the R.C.M.P. in Moncton, to the Courthouse, and have informed the military at various levels.

I have yet to see any action taken on the prison either in news papers,online media, or radio, I do not have T.V. Cable , I fear for the victims still in the prisons.
On one of the "Prison Ranges" which is what people call the living areas for the inmates that the American Central Intelligence Agency and the Canadian Security Intelligence Service is criminaly invovlved with the tortures and rapes, they buy and sell and kidnap girls from all over the country/province,
concentrate them in the prisons and torture them like World War Two Prison Camps including rapes, that was verbaly confirmed to me by someone in the prisons I was incarcerated in.

The Inmates and Guards are both criminaly involved and guilty.
I personnaly was physicly assaulted twice for no reason, did not report as there was immense fear of murder to keep the torturers secret or else they would of murderd me and then there would be an elimination of a key witness, I did not brake any laws in Prison,
I could not even strike anyone as they would of all attacked and murderd me,I did what I could while acting as normal as possible,, getting some of my personal food rations to some of the victims.

All Danger areas must be looked at as talk would suggest from my incarceration it's going on all over Canada.

Locations of Offences by Federal Law Inforcement and Incarcerated Prisoners:
Linsey, Ontario - Central East Correctional Facility.
Central East Correctional Centre
541 Hwy 36, Box 4500 Lindsay, ON K9V 6H2
Tel.: 705-328-6000
Fax.: 705-328-6011

Brockville, Ontario - Brockville Treatment Center.
1804 Highway 2 East, P.O. Box 8000, Brockville, ON K6V 7N2
Tel: 613-341-2870
Fax: 613-341-2883

Talk of other prisons and detention centers with similar problems.
I beleive the offences fall under the Swiss Geneva Laws, to my basic knowledge of them.
My time in jail. January 2012 to June 2012. I had a six months sentence for assault and other minor charges.

Conventions IV in particular have bean infracted.
The following has bean copy and pasted from official document online:

The Geneva Conventions are a series of treaties on the treatment of civilians, prisoners of war (POWs) and soldiers who are otherwise rendered hors de combat, or incapable of fighting. The first Convention was initiated by the International Committee for Relief to the Wounded (which became the International Committee for the Red Cross and Red Crescent). This convention produced a treaty designed to protect wounded and sick soldiers during wartime. The Swiss Government agreed to hold the Conventions in Geneva, and a few years later, a similar agreement to protect shipwrecked soldiers was produced. In 1949, after World War II, two new Conventions were added to the original two, and all four were ratified by a number of countries. The 1949 versions of the Conventions, along with two additional Protocols, are in force today.
Convention I: This Convention protects wounded and infirm soldiers and medical personnel against attack, execution without judgment, torture, and assaults upon personal dignity (Article 3). It also grants them the right to proper medical treatment and care.
Convention II: This agreement extended the protections mentioned in the first Convention to shipwrecked soldiers and other naval forces, including special protections afforded to hospital ships.
Convention III: One of the treaties created during the 1949 Convention, this defined what a Prisoner of War was, and accorded them proper and humane treatment as specified by the first Convention. Specifically, it required POWs to give only their name, rank, and serial number to their captors. Nations party to the Convention may not use torture to extract information from POWs.
Convention IV: Under this Convention, civilians are afforded the protections from inhumane treatment and attack afforded in the first Convention to sick and wounded soldiers. Furthermore, additional regulations regarding the treatment of civilians were introduced. Specifically, it prohibits attacks on civilian hospitals, medical transports, etc. It also specifies the right of internees, and those who commit acts of sabotage. Finally, it discusses how occupiers are to treat an occupied populace.
Protocol I: In this additional Protocol to the Geneva Conventions, the signing Nations agreed to further restrictions on the treatment of "protected persons" according to the original Conventions. Furthermore, clarification of the terms used in the Conventions was introduced. Finally, new rules regarding the treatment of the deceased, cultural artifacts, and dangerous targets (such as dams and nuclear installations) were produced.
Protocol II: In this Protocol, the fundamentals of "humane treatment" were further clarified. Additionally, the rights of interned persons were specifically enumerated, providing protections for those charged with crimes during wartime. It also identified new protections and rights of civilian populations.
The United States has ratified the four Conventions of 1949, but has not ratified the two additional Protocols of 1977.
Disputes arising under the Conventions or the Protocols additional to them are settled by courts of the member nations (Article 49 of Convention I) or by international tribunals.
The International Committee of the Red Cross and Red Crescent has a special role given by the Geneva Conventions, whereby it handles, and is granted access to, the wounded, sick, and POWs.


Thanks for reading, this is not spam, please copy and paste this and inform friends.
Randy Ramsingh
Moncton, NB

Out of a hundred thousand communications I recieved only 2 back from the government.
1 was from Peter McKay Defence Minister, and Vic Toews the public safety minister.

Here's a copy of one of the letters sorry about the sizing it was sent to me by e-mail.

 It breifly states the matter will be looked into, but I asked for help with a safer location and or some sort of witness protection, I did not recieve any.
On my website I made to inform people of these visious terrible crimes, I wrote if anyone needed help because they are known to steal there Identification and Purses.

I was able to convince some guards to release a few females being raped and starved, from the prisons, due to my stealthy connections.

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